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Independent Stylist

20+ years experience

Call (262) 844-9678 or Email to book an appointment.


I have fine, thin hair and know how to work with people with similar hair textures. I also enjoy the challenge of working with people of various textures of thick and curly hair. I am Devacurl certified, but enjoy taking that technique into my own style, because not every curl is the same.

What to expect

I will consult with you to achieve what is best for the integrity and finished look for your hair type and style.


More about me

I am married with two children and my family is my most important passion. Together we love to travel, bike ride, hike and explore history. I also enjoy working on remodeling projects and doing yard work. I enjoy working with my hands on any challenging job.

I love listening to people and their life stories while I make them feel beautiful inside and out.